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Synonyms for evil

Synonyms for evil

bringing, predicting, or characterized by misfortune

that which is morally bad or objectionable

whatever is destructive or harmful

a cause of suffering or harm

Synonyms for evil

that which causes harm or destruction or misfortune

morally bad or wrong

having the nature of vice


Related Words

having or exerting a malignant influence

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It basically says that evil people are those who do a lot of bad things and don't feel remorse; this is hardly surprising and not particularly helpful or precise, let alone psychologically rich.
Evil people see evil in everyone else but themselves.
Of course, in the theatre, the evil people often are the most interesting--look at Richard III," he mused.
Sometimes you could say they are evil people or sometimes those spirits exist apart from people.
Strongly recommended and superbly crafted reading, Livin' In High Cotton successfully and engagingly tackles such difficult themes as whether or not trust can be regained after betrayal, how can being kind-hearted succeed in a world populate by evil people, and is there a power higher than ourselves that can come into our hearts to foster forgiveness and release us from the emotional bondage of a blighted past?
All he knows is that he has evil people in his sights and it's time to attack, bludgeons flailing, wit and balance and perspective held in abeyance.
If we fail then these evil people will take over and wreak havoc in our communities.
For the most part he does not see a condemnation of evil people, but judgment on people who were in the Jesus community but failed to incorporate for themselves the gift of God's grace.
Evil people hate the light because it reveals themselves to themselves.
C Lewis, Swansea We should know where these evil people are.
In that leper colony, of course, are some evil people and more sick people who find booze, crack, and other drugs to be the sugar that makes the medicine of a hopeless future go down.
Instead of good people and evil people, think of a chain of atrocity and revenge, with each act of vengeance constituting a fresh atrocity.
To target an event filled with mainly children and parents represented a new low for the evil people behind such attacks.
Instead of running away, she got people together and put on a very special event, to prove that the evil people cannot win by stopping reasonable folks enjoying a normal way of life.