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Synonyms for evil

Synonyms for evil

bringing, predicting, or characterized by misfortune

that which is morally bad or objectionable

whatever is destructive or harmful

a cause of suffering or harm

Synonyms for evil

that which causes harm or destruction or misfortune

morally bad or wrong

having the nature of vice


Related Words

having or exerting a malignant influence

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Of course it is so very easy to take a swipe at the "do gooders" and then to glorify the evil doers.
Chan (whose English is still only as good as my Mandarin - the language not the fruit) plays a Chinese ninja-fella trying to get back a jade Buddha stolen from his remote village by some evil doers.
Evil is an appropriate secular and religious word, for evil doers have done what no others have done before in bringing the ultimate evil terror of a Theology of Crime Chosinness to our shores.
Vaccines have been controversial since their inception, for reasons ranging from interfering with God's judgment against evil doers to modern concerns about individual risks.
No system can prevent trusted evil doers from surfacing and it in no way should demean the millions of loyal government employees who make America proud daily.
5 Why did the last Labour government sign up to the Human Rights' Bill which has resulted in preachers of hate and potential evil doers not being able to be deported and costing British tax payers millions of pounds in futile appeals and delaying tactics?
He was part of an elite secret army called Dead Echo, which was sent out to dispatch some evil doers for the General - only to discover that the people he was killing were completely innocent.
With the aid of well-timed crises, policy-makers fall in line with a predetermined agenda--not because they are Evil Doers or "imperialists" but because the shared mindset has been pre-conditioned to respond not to the facts but to manipulated emotions and consensus beliefs.