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serving as or based on evidence


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English Modality: Core, Periphery and Evidentiality
Ya ay/ya ez verdad act as grammaticalized units intensifying the degree of confidence that the speaker transmits, an aspect that is closely related to the evidentiality system of Turkish.
This paper seeks to recognize the existence of two kinds of stative verbs--pure statives and bounded ones--according to the differentiated relationship each group has with evidentiality, which is described as the source of information transmitted by a semantic content in certain verbs.
In encompasses aspects of grammar which, in other contexts, have been grouped variously under headings such as modality, hedging, evidentiality, attitude and stance.
Thompson and Hunston (2003: 1-6) summarize it quite well going from modalization/modulation, appraisal, modality, evidentiality, epistemic/deontic modality, epistemic/attitudinal stance, style stance, etc.
Although not explicitly put forth, Maldonado seems to claim that the speaker/writer uses a clitic to mark evidentiality or a particular stance he takes towards the event depicted: with a clitic, the speaker/writer makes a commitment that the event actually took place, but without one he makes no such commitment.
Their role in culture and society is represented on the Evidentiality axis as the evidence of the past which builds collective memory.
Attitude: Children's attitudes were classified as epistemic, attitudes that focused on the relation between the participants and their argument in terms of their truth and evidentiality (as in "It's not Superman's suit because it has no wings"); deontic, attitudes that expressed judgmental, prescriptive, or evaluative viewpoints (as in "You shouldn't talk like that with a friend"); and affective, attitudes that referred to the relation between the participants and the expression of their feelings or emotions (as in "I want the name 'cat' for the group because I love cats").
It includes probability, certainty and evidentiality.
2005), "Some Remarks on Postterminality and Evidentiality in South Caucasian", in D.
Indirect evidentiality in Estonian journalistic and fiction texts of the late 19th and the 20th centuries.
Inventing a reality and granting it the appearance of truth while assuming the rhetorical characteristics of non-fiction involves the practical denunciation of the ease with which the viewers might be taken in and extends suspicion to many other discourses based on the transparency of the evidentiality.