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United States civil rights worker in Mississippi

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Jacobsen and Evers said they loved the challenging but rewarding work that often involved collaborating on projects.
They will be joined by other musicians including Trevor Gordon Hall, Eugene Friesen, Jill Haley, Vin Downes, who will share the stage and bring "great music," says Evers.
Evers is a longtime supporter of gun rights.
when, according to police, Evers was heading north on Coburg Road and the Mercedes was southbound, making a left turn into the Pavilion Parkway near Verizon and Baja Fresh.
Corporate politics frustrate lawyers in particular," writes Mike Evers, in the survey.
In each of these 12 tales, Evers explores relationships between parents and their children.
We are happy to announce that SPI has added 105 MW to the grid and we hope that this will provide some relief in the precarious power supply condition of Mindanao," Evers said in a statement.
Prior to coming to Medgar Evers College, Crew was serving as Oregon's first chief education officer, where he was charged with improving Oregon's high school graduation rate and revamping the public education system from kindergarten through college into an integrated system.
Today, beers like the Abyss, Pliny the Younger, the Dark Lord and many others are blowing up taste profiles with their complexity and creativity," Paul Evers said.
Wally was born in Milford, MA, son of Walter & Rose (Prece) Evers.
In which 2007 comedy film did professional ice skater Matt Evers play the part of a skating tree?
Evers again played second base without an error, accepting seven chances, and in addition secured a clean hit to center.
Trooper Richard Evers, 21, was given a lenient sentence so he wasn't discharged from the Army.
Krasev, aka Jason Evers, aka "John Doe," filed a motion earlier this month in federal court asking for authorization to marry at Multnomah County's Inverness Jail.
In an effort to enrich the clinical space, Evers and a team of artists created extensive mosaics of rainforest settings--a theme he chose after researching the effects of one's environment and recognizing the rainforest's inherent connection to life and vitality.