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lichens of the family Usneaceae having a pendulous or shrubby thallus

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Evernia prunastri has been considered as a good bio-accumulator of metals (CERCASOV & al.
2012--Characterisation of heavy metals in lichen species Hypogymnia physodes and Evernia prunastri due to bio-monitoring of air pollution in the vicinity of copper mine--Int.
The lichen-forming ascomycete Evernia mesomorpha associates with multiple genotypes of Trebouxia jamesii.
Ramalina menziesii was the dominant lichen in the canopy, contributing 78% of the total lichen biomass or 2964 [+ or -] 615 g/tree; Usnea contributed 20% ([mean] = 767 [+ or -] 143 g/tree) and Evernia prunastri 2% ([mean] = 57 [+ or -] 11 g/tree).
Key words: Cladonia, cytotoxicity, Evernia, lichens, Parmelia, Platismatia, Ramalina, Usnea
For most of the species, except Evernia prunastri and Platismatia glauca, the cumulative n-hexane and diethyl ether extracts did not reach a quarter of the global extraction yields and the highest quantity of compounds was extracted with methanol.
Show attendees may sign up at the WIRK Country Radio display located at Evernia Field booth 357 or the Langer-Krell Marine Electronics display located at Clematis Tent 525.
De un total de 50 especies, se aprecia un dominio en frecuencia y cobertura sobre todo de Parmelia sulcata y de Evernia prunastri, especies propias de lugares con baja contaminacion atmosferica.
Por otro lado podemos ver como Parmelia sulcata y Evernia prunastri se comportan de forma semejante, desapareciendo en las localidades mas contaminadas y haciendose mas abundantes a medida que nos alejamos del foco contaminante, lo que parece poner de manifiesto su comportamiento como especies toxisensibles, al menos en este territorio.
Effects of SO2 fumigations on photosynthetic CO2 gas exchange, chlorophyll a fluorescence emission and antioxidant enzymes in the lichens Evernia prunastri (L.
Synchronic production of fungal lectin, phycobiont lectin receptor and algal division in Evernia prunastri.
Detection of a 3', 5'-cyclic-AMP phosphodiesterase activity in the lichenized fungi Evernia prunastri.
Nitrogen uptake in relation to excess supply and its effects on the lichens Evernia prunastri (L.
Action of filipin on phytochrome-modulated d-usnic acid: NAD+(H) oxido-reductase activity in the lichen Evernia prunastri.