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Synonyms for evergreen

a plant having foliage that persists and remains green throughout the year

(of plants and shrubs) bearing foliage throughout the year


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Green is, of course, also the color of evergreen trees used as Christmas trees and symbolize life and rebirth.
BIG EFFORT: Jane Dutton (back left) from Kirkwood Hospice with teacher Julie Gregory (front right) and the School Council beside the Evergreen Tree of Lights
The Leaf that Wouldn't Leave" is the story of Luigi, the leaf that wouldn't leave, told with the assistance of Evelyn, the evergreen tree.
He attached lighted candles to a small evergreen tree, trying to simulate the reflections of the starlit heaven--the heaven that looked down over Bethlehem on the first Christmas Eve.
Recovery": I want to be / whole as / the evergreen tree // my voice to rise and fall / like the snow-topped wings / which lift the sea // my blood to spin / to the sweeping music / of the sea // my spirit to wheel / with the sun and the moon / in immutable trinity.
The evergreen tree Ocotea usambarensis (family Lauraceae) was surveyed for abundance and size over 18 days in November 2007 in the Mazumbai Forest Reserve in Northern Tanzania.
In an extra twist the evergreen tree has been ascribed magical power by the Germanic peoples as a representation of fertility.
I grabbed my bow and started to draw but my bow hit a limb and the buck stopped behind a small evergreen tree with his vitals just visible.
For the memory tree, begin with a preserved tree or evergreen tree in a container.
The new law school campus, at the corner of Hughey Avenue and Washington Street, is scheduled to open in the fall of 2005, Participants in the "topping off" ceremony signed a special beam and workers placed the beam, the highest structural element of the building, into place and topped the building with a small evergreen tree.
More than 200 tradesmen, representing one of the largest groups of building trades in Connecticut, were treated to a luncheon celebration at 901 Main Avenue, The Towers at Merritt River, as the final steel beam with an American flag and symbolic evergreen tree were hoisted into place atop the 360,000 square foot superstructure.
It's manufactured from the bark of a tall evergreen tree native to Africa, where it has traditionally been used to treat urinary problems.
An evergreen tree, decorated and fragrant, conjures up Christmas for many people.
The 4-ounce Evergreen Tree Box is a triangle-shaped box that features tree stars moons and doves and is in shades of green, blue and silver foil.
The digital prints here each derived from a secondhand image of some "natural" subject--a storm at sea, an evergreen tree, a forest fire--whose multiple layers of reproduction highlighted its remove from nature.