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Synonyms for evergreen

a plant having foliage that persists and remains green throughout the year

(of plants and shrubs) bearing foliage throughout the year


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After the sun went down, the little bird flew back to his place in the evergreen tree.
CUTLINE: Rich Deeb leads his family down a path at Evergreen Tree Farm in Sterling, followed by future son-in-law Matt Tetreault and Alison, Kristin and Debbie Deeb.
Calcium-rich yerba mate is derived from a small evergreen tree in South, America, where people drink it to prevent fatigue, fever, rheumatism and depression, and to aid digestion.
The evergreen tree is adorned with beautiful ribbons and hanging from each limb are their very own LACOSTE fragrance ornaments that light up the tree with rays of blue, red, green, peach and white.
An evergreen tree was placed on the beam for good luck, and an American flag was attached to honor Americans who have lost their lives in construction work, or while serving their country in the armed forces.
Kirkwood Hospice events fundraiser Jane Dutton said: "Light Up A Life was a very special event where people are invited to dedicate a light on the hospice's Evergreen Tree of Lights in memory of a loved-one or to honour someone special in their lives.
The Christmas tree is said to represent the "Christianisation" of an ancient pagan belief held by Vikings and Druids that the evergreen tree represents a celebration of the renewal of life.
Among the best are Arbutus unedo, a small evergreen tree producing clusters of white flowers followed by red fruit in early winter, and Sorbus cashmiriana, which produces bunches of white berries which are largely ignored by the birds and remain all winter.
EVERGREENS are so important at this time of year and chamaecyparis is the most popular evergreen tree in Britain.
QI HAVE a very old, tall evergreen tree which is surrounded by deep-seated weeds such hogweed.
Dating back to the Middle Ages, in a play about Adam and Eve, an evergreen tree was used to represent the paradise tree and was trimmed with apples as a reminder of the fruit of temptation.
Is there an attractive evergreen tree or shrub in view?
Kirkwood Hospice is asking people to have a light on their evergreen tree either in the grounds of the Dalton hospice or in Dewsbury.
Every school that visits will receive an evergreen tree to take back with them to plant in school grounds as a reminder of National Tree Week 2003.
Q I AM looking for an evergreen tree to give me height and privacy in the garden.