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a large subtropical swamp in southern Florida that is noted for its wildlife

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The book's iconic first line proclaims the Everglades' global importance: "There are no other Everglades in the world.
Opening a visitor contact station is a great step forward for both the Park and the people of Everglades City, said Park Superintendent Pedro Ramos.
The Everglades veteran has seen this kind of showboating many times before.
Rahill is founder of the Swamp Apes, a 25-strong team, mainly ex-military, hired to tackle a problem that's devastating wildlife in the Florida Everglades.
The Cooper twins were selected by Twins for Life Magazine to participate with twenty-five sets of twins in the, spring break, Everglades National Park Triathlon.
The program will feature remarks and a fascinating discussion of conservation efforts in the United States, particularly as they have impacted the Everglades, including restoration policy and the relationship between sustainable agriculture and the renewal of natural landscapes.
The giant snake is not native to Florida and poses a threat to the conservation of Everglades National Park.
relates the history of the Florida Everglades through the lives of the people who live there.
What do the Everglades and Madagascar have in common?
The Everglades handbook; understanding the ecosystem; 3d ed.
The Everglades have an amazing diversity of animal and plant life you just don't find anywhere else," says Kirk Fordham of the Everglades Foundation.
MWI will supply pumps by December 2010 for the district's Everglades Restoration Project.
The Everglades is an endangered area, neglected by the government.
The business is located in historic Everglades City directly adjacent to Everglades City National Park.
the nation's largest producer of cane sugar, has agreed to sell 300 square miles of private inholdings within the Everglades to the state of Florida in order to help bring the famed "river of grass" back to life.
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