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The attention to affect here and its production and circulation permits a multiform account that encompasses processes of downwards and backwards causation: that is, not just whether event A causes event B, but also how event A is experienced by the various actors who are party to it, affecting the capacities and actions that constitute their responses to it (conceived as multiple) and the processes in which these responses participate, so as to give rise not just to event B but also events C, D, and so forth, that in turn may get folded into still other processes of eventuation which may alter the eventual import and material character of event A (or indeed any other event in the series).
The "appearance" or presentation of beings within the openness of "Being" is a process, happening, eventually or eventuation, and belongs to the "common bonds of sight and hearing".
Toulouse's opening question, implying a Newtonian world of simple cause and effect, gives way to a more subtle and complex encounter with hard-to-pin-down motives which necessarily remain as elusive as sub-atomic eventuation.
Pulling back the lens a bit, what one sees is the eventuation of a regional realignment that began a half-century ago and is now nearing its conclusion.
This involves prioritising the most critical risks by mapping the probability of each risk eventuating against the consequences of its eventuation.
Musicians, working collaboratively with scientists (as Xenakis did at his CEMAMu facility in Paris) must be able to define the chains of eventuation, the variability of data entries so that autonomously generated results--and their variability--become genuinely useful in art itself.
Ethnicization" did not unfold evenly among Catholic Irish immigrants in Christchurch, nor indeed was it a sudden eventuation.
t]ogether with synthesis, syndesis constitutes the totality of those modes in which the human consciousness apprehends and enacts the world and the self--through a process of opposition and eventuation (synthesis) on the one hand, and through a process of accretion (syndesis) on the other.
The individual agency of a few theoreticians and intellectuals will be of very little import in this massive, historically necessary eventuation.
A complete presentation would involve the clarification of his values, projections of possible futures for the jurisprudence he developed, and the detailed specification of alternatives for making more likely the eventuation of a future that is compatible with the public order of human dignity that Mac preferred.