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a member of the Tungus speaking people of Mongolian race who are a nomadic people widely spread over eastern Siberia


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They include: Altaians, Buryatians, Dolgans, Koryaks, Kumandins, Mansi, Selkups, Tuvinians, Khakasians, Nenets, Hunts, Evenks and Russians.
La notion de << jouer >> domine egalement les fetes emblematiques des peuples voisins, notamment des Yakoutes et des Toungouses Evenk et Even (16).
Les Evenk aussi << jouent >> a la maniere du coq de bruyere, l'imitant de la voix, mais sous une forme differente : des jeunes filles accroupies les mains derriere le dos impriment a leurs epaules des mouvements d'aile et sautillent, tandis qu'un danseur tourne autour d'elles, bondissant et battant des bras (Zhomickaja 1966 : 94-95).
In Evenk mythology, among the spirits and masters of the Lower World is a mythological creature--"khalir" resembling a moose or reindeer, and having the antlers of a moose and the tail of a fish.
Other myths explain that during this ritual, an Evenk shaman called for his spirits --creatures that were half human and half non-human.
In Evenk legends, representatives of the Lower World also possessed characteristic features of the cosmological image of Khely (Shely, Sely), a mammoth, and Djabdar (Dzjabdar), a mythological snake.
After four days' travelling, he teamed up with a group of forest dwellers called the Evenk and set about honing his techniques.
The Yakuts and the Evenks historically have had a special attitude toward nature," Belov told me.
It used to be that an Evenk who traveled in the taiga never needed to carry meat," said the man, now 44 years old.
Early concepts about the universe among the Evenks, in H.