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a member of the people inhabiting an area of northern Mongolia and eastern Siberia


the Tungusic language of the Evenki in eastern Siberia

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I was on my way to Evenki people living in this cold and snowy region.
2014, Spatial Semantics, Case, and Relational Nouns in Evenki.
Author Diana Gleadhill talks about the adventures that she and her companion had as they experienced volcanoes, 'vildlife' and the Evenki.
Sin embargo, en el nivel regional, muestra una fuerte tendencia a ser reemplazado por las lengua regionales -como el yakut en Sakha-, o por la lengua nacional -el ruso-, de tal manera que en 1992 solo un 16% de los evenki que vivian en Sakha usaban el idioma evenki.
For the Evenki people of northern Siberia, for example, many of the 5,000 native speakers are too preoccupied with managing reindeer herds and day-to-day survival to concentrate on language instruction, and many teachers are unwilling to move to the nomadic schools that have been set up in the countryside.
the Nenets in the west, the Evenki in the central and southeastern parts, and the Eveny and Chukchi in the northeast) have maintained a reindeer-herding culture similar to past forms of Sami reindeer pastoralism, partly as a result of several hundred years of violent resistance to change (cf.
Her search takes her to Siberia - one of the most inhospitable places on Earth - to meet Evenki nomads.
Soviet ethnographers, who implemented new nationalities policies among the Evenki in the 1920s, insisted that they were restoring "old traditions" of collective work.
For Tungusic, EDAL gives Evenki hadarga 'name of a game (spreading rope between the fingers)'.
Vemos esto ejemplificado en el hecho de que pueblos indigenas del mundo como los ainu en Japon, los maoris en Nueva Zelanda y muchas minorias etnicas en la region Evenki de Siberia han utilizado nombres para designarse a si mismos que significan sencillamente "ser humano".
The indigenous Evenki people believed that Ogda, the god of fire and thunder, had returned to strike them down with invisible fire.
The Causee can take two forms in Evenki and Nivkh without any necessary changes in the semantics of the Causee-role.
The number of people who speak Evenki, a language not shown on the graph, is only 5 percent of the number of people who speak Lezgi.
Grounded in fieldwork done in 1988-89 and 1993-95, the study centres on Evenki associated with the "Red Star" reindeer-herding collective farm at the village of Katonga (roughly 500 miles slightly northeast of Krasnoiarsk).
Kung in Botswana, Evenki in Russia, and Quechua in Peru average 19, 22, and 21 respectively.