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English author of satirical novels (1903-1966)

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Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews as Charles Ryder and Sebastian Flyte in the 1981 |ITV series Brideshead Revisited based on the book by Evelyn Waugh
Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh (1945) - 1,600 pounds ( ANI )
The college's notable former students include Redditch MP Jacqui Smith, newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky and author Evelyn Waugh.
Now author Mark Baker has delved into the background of Plas Dulas which was reputedly visited by author Evelyn Waugh.
In which 2008 film of an Evelyn Waugh novel did Hayley Atwell play Lady Julia Flyte?
Lothian, a history professor at the University of Binghamton in New York, presents a comprehensive history of English Catholic thinkers such as Hilaire Belioc, GK Chesterton, Eric Gill and Evelyn Waugh.
In his biography of Evelyn Waugh, possibly the greatest English novelist of the twentieth century, Christopher Sykes writes that "Waugh regarded September 1930 as marking the most important event of his life: his reception into the Roman Catholic Church.
The book has a rich 'dramatis personae'; as well as British Prime Ministers Churchill and Eden, men such as Wavell, Win-gate, Evelyn Waugh and Wilfred Thesiger all contribute to the action and interest.
Other 2005 releases include Helena by Evelyn Waugh, with an introduction by George Weigel; Saint Francis by Nikos Kazantzakis; with an introduction by John Michael Talbot; and Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?
At her best, Dowd is like Evelyn Waugh, Mark Twain, or Kurt Vonnegut, lampooning the men who run the world's greatest military and political power.
Evelyn Waugh would have great sport with the 'International Center for Possibility Thinking' (as the building has been named), and would revel in the oversized garden gnomes masquerading as inspirational 'artworks', which line the surrounding walkways.
The prolific writer, who adapted Bridget Jones's Diary for the big screen, will write a new version of the Evelyn Waugh novel, likely to star leading men of the moment Jude Law and Colin Farrell.
But a few elements of the trip seemed plucked from an Evelyn Waugh novel.
Back in October 1997 I wrote in Odds & Ends about the premiere performance of Roccasalvo's one-man play Waging Waugh, featuring the life and work of English novelist Evelyn Waugh.