Fast of the Firstborn

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(Judaism) a minor fast day on Nissan 14 that is observed only by firstborn males

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At a state ceremony on the eve of Passover every year, Jaber stands proudly surrounded by the finance minister, the two chief rabbis and television cameras who gather to watch him hand over a personal check for 20,000 shekels-about $5,000.
It was the eve of Passover, two hours before sundown, and the freeway was bumper to bumper," Leah said.
In my childhood home, the Seder on the eve of Passover was a time to transcend daily struggles and take delight in the miracle of continuity and survival.
For example, Mark, Matthew, and Luke agree that the ordeal of Jesus took place on the eve of Passover, while John has these events beginning just before Passover.
First, one must accept the historicity of the person of Jesus, and the Gospel account of the crucifixion (both the fact of the crucifixion and its having taken place on a Friday, either the first day of Passover [the Synoptic Gospels] or the eve of Passover [John]).