tax evasion

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the deliberate failure to pay taxes (usually by making a false report)

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Tax Evasion, Tax Misery and Ethics: Comparative Studies of Korea, Japan and China, in Robert W.
Unlike tax evasion, tax avoidance is not illegal but the UK's major banks have agreed to the code of practice to pay their fair share with the Government.
If indeed speaking of fraud, it is often the same as legal or legitimate fraud, illegal fraud, international tax evasion, legal evasion, illegal tax evasion, tax havens or shelters, the abuse of the right to run before tax, free choice of the least impressive track, or underestimation of tax, fraud law or underground economy.
Using empirical methods, this volume examines a broad range of subjects including tax evasion, tax policies' effect on the dispersion of wages, and property and corporate taxation.
whereby the UGE "is also referred to as tax evasion, tax fraud, cash pay, tax gap, payments under-the-table, and off-the -books" [Emphasis added; http://www.