Evariste Galois

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French mathematician who described the conditions for solving polynomial equations


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The equation ultimately yielded to group theory, which Livio calls the "language of symmetry," Group theory was developed by two 19th-century mathematicians, Niels Henrik Abel and Evariste Galois, both of whom managed their achievements during tragically short lives, Abel died of tuberculosis at 26 and Galois was killed in a duel at age 20, Livio devotes special attention to Galois, whose proof would create a new branch of algebra, The author also delves deep into groups and permutations, and describes how symmetry applies to fields as diverse as physics and psychology.
These include: Yutaka Taniyama, one of those most instrumental in the Fermat solution, who killed himself in 1958 because he was not confident about his future; Sophia Germain, living in the nineteenth century, who was forced to take on the identity of a man to pursue her passion in a field that was forbidden to women; Evariste Galois, whose advances in mathematics were ultimately vital to Wiles' proof, and who was tragically killed in a duel over a woman; and Paul Wolfskehl, a German industrialist who believed working on Fermat's last theorem saved him from suicide, and demonstrated his gratitude by establishing a lucrative prize in 1908 for anyone who could find a proof.
He backs this up with analyses of perennial favorites such as Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, as well as less familiar personages such as mathematician Evariste Galois.
Contractor address : Site de Chalembert rue Evariste Galois
The purpose of this contract is the cleaning and maintenance of the premises of the InterAcademy service examinations and competitions (SIEC) comprising - The main building located at 7 rue Ernest Renan / 94110 Arcueil including its exterior,- Evariste Galois Annex located at 8 Avenue Jeanne d~Arc / 94110 Arcueil including its exterior.