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the sediment that is left after the evaporation of seawater

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But because this part of the sulfur cycle was thought be minor in comparison to sulfate evaporite burial (which does not release oxygen), its effect on oxygen levels was also thought to be unimportant.
Alan Kendall introduces marine evaporites by noting that evaporite mineral crystallization from subaqueous settings is most prevalent at the top or bottom of the water column.
Quaternary carbonate and evaporite sedimentary facies and their ancient analogues; a tribute to Douglas James Shearman.
1998) estimate the change from lacustrine clays to evaporites and dune sediments at Lake Lefroy to have occurred between 700 and 400ka (Table 1).
Recognition of primary facies characteristics of evaporites and the differentiation of these forms from diagenetic overprints.
Later, in diagenesis, dissolution of evaporites provided a source of sulphur that combined with iron to make pyrite.
On evidence of likely source rocks, the prime targets for Hunt were: possible reservoirs, evaporites to provide structuration and seals, amenable government regulations and, most important, a potentially large oil basin.
The basal Buckner is dominated by subaqueous evaporites in depositional basins and by peritidal strata on the flanks and crests of paleohighs (Mann, 1988; Mann and Kopaska-Merkel, 1992).
Length-slow chalcedony: a new testament for vanished evaporites.
However, far less exploration has taken place in Eastern Africa and some major development opportunities unique to this region have yet to be assessed: Evaporites and mineral sands, for example.
Saline fluids should, however, be present in accretionary complexes associated with evaporites, for example in the Mediterranean Sea.
Oil occurs in Miocene and older Zagros limestones and is frequently capped by younger evaporites.
The sodic-chlorinated facies, is frequent in the milieu rich on evaporites (as the halite [NaCl]).
The basement of the Central Depression contains Jurassic and Cretaceous sedimentary--volcanic sequences, the former comprising rocks of both marine and non-marine origin, and including evaporites.