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Synonyms for evangelical

Synonyms for evangelical

marked by ardent or zealous enthusiasm for a cause


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Wise and holy men, the fathers of our religion, have expended their labors in clearing what was revealed from the obscurities of language, and the results of their experience and researches have been em bodied in the form of evangelical discipline That this discipline must be salutary, is evident from the view of the weakness of human nature that we have already taken; and that it may be profitable to us, and all who listen to its precepts and its liturgy, may God, in his infinite wisdom, grant
Evangelical ladies there are, likewise, whose attachment to the forms of religion, and horror of theatrical entertainments, are most exemplary.
The letter from evangelicals says that 230,000 "pro-life Christians" have contacted the Environmental Protection Agency in support of the plan.
Race, language, and culture are at the center of this book, which intends to provoke Asian American evangelicals to see with a new clarity what it means to do theology immersed in one's own distinctive ethnic heritage.
He covers Thomas Miller and friends, the evangelical unions, William Orange and the Orange Pips, Inter-Varsity fellowship (IVF) and a new evangelical generation, Anglican and Presbyterian evangelicals 1945-55, the postwar evangelical resurgence, and the expansion of Anglican and Presbyterian evangelicalism 1956-65.
Today, hundreds of evangelicals are here to lift their voices and show the broad support for reform from the evangelical community.
While acknowledging the common perception that evangelicals and feminists totally disagree, they argue against this.
Others are cultural: Smith despairs at the lack of deep intellectual traditions among evangelicals, and he has little patience for the proliferation of evangelical special-interest Bibles and self-help books that weigh down the shelves of evangelical bookstores.
Stephan's study portrays the potent mix of piety and emotion that created a distinct family dynamic among southern evangelicals, which was not seen either in their nonreligious southern neighbors or their evangelical northern counterparts.
This most recent offering by the prolific Ron Sider adds little to his impressive corpus of writing and work as the longtime president of Evangelicals for Social Action.
Those are golden words to the American Jewish Committee, the global organization that in recent years has been promoting ties to Hispanic evangelicals and for whom the growing presence and increasing political influence of Latino evangelicals is a treasure trove for securing the future of Israel.
The subject of anthropogenic global warming has become an issue of much discussion in American culture in general and among evangelicals in particular.
Time magazine declared 1976 as "the year of the evangelical" and suddenly evangelicals were not only affirmed, but some were respected.
Thus he stresses Cranmer's isolation from other evangelicals, his attachment to a Catholic guard, his exhaustion and poor health, and the visits of his Catholic sister.
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