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the religious beliefs and practices of Methodists characterized by concern with social welfare and public morals

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Moral and material support, nonetheless, came from some groups in Nigeria and the United States, particularly from the Evangelical Methodist Church, then under the direction of Rev.
The Evangelical Methodist Church in Macedonia originated from the work of John Wesley (1703-91), an English priest who sought reforms in the Church of England and who founded the Methodist movement.
During the tumultuous years of establishing national independence, those missionaries who remained forged their own vision of evangelical Methodist Christianity.
Summing up the value of the meeting, WCC Central Committee member Bishop Aldo Etchegoyen of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Argentina said that many have lost hope and think peace is impossible.
Those few in the Church who hold out against this move represent the more evangelical Methodist elements and, though the Prime Minister is now an Anglican, in this regard his stand on reconciliation is of much the same order.
Such judges regarded him as they would an evangelical Methodist or Presbyterian--he was worthy of their respect and love as a faithful preacher and Christian brother, but not as a Baptist.
Heidinger II, president of an evangelical Methodist group, told The New York Times that the commitment ceremony was "a clear violation of biblical principles as well as the tradition of the church.
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