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stresses the importance of personal conversion and faith as the means of salvation

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Evangelical Christians recognize and support Religious Freedom and Mutual Respect for American Muslims in light of efforts of a fringe minority opinion trying to disenfranchise and stereotype American Muslims in light of the recent horrific attack.
Posner picked the wrong target in her misguided attempt to demonize all evangelical Christians.
Paul Hetrick, spokesman for Focus on the Family, an American Evangelical Christian group in Colorado, once said: "[The Potter series contain] some powerful and valuable lessons about love and courage and the ultimate victory of good over evil; however, the positive messages are packaged in a medium - witchcraft - that is directly denounced in Scripture".
While Kidd rightly argues that Bush, while seemingly sympathetic to many of the perspectives on Islam advanced by Evangelical Christians, tried to moderate their perspectives, to an extent, in terms of public policy, in order to maintain positive diplomatic relations with Muslim-majority states.
Dobson's FOF appealed for volunteers to work with affiliates in eight states with hotly contested congressional and gubernatorial races to mobilize evangelical Christian voters.
The May/June 2006 issue included an article about some prominent Evangelical Christians who are addressing global warming and protection of the Earth ("Messing with God's Creation," Currents).
Other installments feature an atheist who moves in with evangelical Christians, an abortion-rights advocate who stays at an anti-abortion center and a stressed guy who adapts a new-age lifestyle.
A letter published in the Daily Telegraph asking parliamentarians to vote against the legislation was signed by a group of humanists, secularists, Muslims and evangelical Christians.
But many evangelical Christians would brand me as a "liberal" and therefore someone who distorts the faith.
Heather Coleman, professor of history at the University of Alberta, has reworked her dissertation from the University of Illinois, Urbana, into a fascinating and intimate portrait of two sister movements, Baptists and evangelical Christians, in relation to their staunchest opponents: the czarist and Soviet regimes and the Russian Orthodox Church.
Abramoff's activities have distressed his fellow Orthodox Jews, but they have proved even more problematic for evangelical Christians.
This has all the hallmarks of discrimination against the Christian Union and Evangelical Christians who seem to be an increasingly discriminated against group.
Yes, it was the evangelical Christians who seemed strangely out of the closet as they tried to stop the UK's first 'gay weddings'.
As a member of evangelical America I can only speak from my own tradition about how to face this problem, but my hope is that, in doing so, I can eliminate many of the commonly held misconceptions about evangelical Christians as well as offer some answers to the question about how to make religious conservatives feel welcome in public discourse.
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