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Synonyms for evanescence

the act or an example of passing out of sight

Words related to evanescence

the event of fading and gradually vanishing from sight

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The Family Values Tour featuring Korn and Evanesence will be at The Tweeter Center in Mansfield on July 27.
Three songs -Time To Start, Your Attention and What Is Rock -offer a beginner's guide to gigs and Bonham outdoes Evanesence on nu metal anthem Up To The Roof.
Evanesence, together with Metallica, Radiohead and The White Stripes were beaten to Best Group by Coldplay - but Jack White's outfit took comfort from their Best Rock award.
Family Values tour with Korn, Evanesence, Hellyeah and others
His onstage intrusion at last year's Grammys when Evanesence got the award he thought he'd deserved ("I was just a little heated").