tax evasion

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the deliberate failure to pay taxes (usually by making a false report)

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Economists predict a 1% deficit in 1999, a trend that will be difficult to tame until exports recover and the government manages to recoup at least part of an estimated US$4 billion annually in evaded taxes.
Tucker, who is awaiting a liver transplant, is also facing a second criminal trial on charges that he evaded taxes and committed bankruptcy fraud.
The government will pardon more than 100 wealthy citizens who are alleged to have evaded taxes.
The demand came as one of the largest Swiss banks, UBS, agreed to provide information to the United States about account holders who are suspected to have evaded taxes in America.
He wrote a scathing indictment on sumo morals: games were sometimes rigged, wrestlers indulged in drugs and sex orgies, they often dined with gangsters, and evaded taxes.