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a sea between Europe and Asia

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Sinope, the leading city for Euxine trade and communications since c.
6) of precise spheres of operations for these fleets, whereby the Propontis and Euxine belonged to the Ravennate's sphere, cannot withstand epigraphical reality.
15) Romans could build fleets quickly, as in the case of Virdius Geminus, whom Vespasian in fall 69, dispatched with legionary vexillarii to suppress the Vitellian Anicetus' raiding in the eastern Euxine (Tac.
A classis Perinthia (technically) would have been a provincial fleet under the governor of Thrace, but modern historians can assume that any fleet operating in the Propontis was a Perinthian fleet or any fleet in the southern Euxine a classis Pontica.
The need for a 'Pontic fleet' was increasingly apparent, as Rome became more directly active in Euxine affairs in the 40s.
Later the same year, Anicetus, Polemo II's libertus and former prefect of his fleet, raised the standard of Vitellius, burned the fleet's remaining ships at Trapezus, and began raiding the Euxine coasts.
Redde, however, also an advocate of a Late Roman fleet in the eastern Euxine and Trapezus as a node for supplies and troop transfers, questioned Kienast's scattered numismatic evidence as proof for the fleet's postings.
A case can be made for the latter: the classis Pontica as the sole praetorian fleet in the Euxine.
In any case, Euxine commands could involve ships without explicit reference to the classis Pontica, and whether all such ships in Roman service on the northern and eastern coasts of Anatolia belonged to the classis Pontica must remain an open question meriting further comment.
Attention to the situation in the Euxine, the supposed stations of the fleet, and the needs for this command will clarify the case.
The Euxine was hardly unnavigable or unnavigated, as the network of commercial and cultural relations (already noted) demonstrates.
Rather, the Achaei, Heniochi and Zygi probably migrated from the morass of different peoples around Lake Maeotis into the coastal strip of the northeastern Euxine and its mountainous interior in the area south of Gorgippia down to the northern edge of Colchis at Pityus.
Piracy once had flourished on the southeastern Euxine coast, as Ps.
366-67 has transferred Euxine piracy of the Augustan era into the late Neronian-early Flavian period, especially as no other sources, literary or epigraphical, attest Euxine piracy as a problem at this time.
63) A curious force of 2000 phrouroi in Thrace twenty years after its annexation (too few, if the Moesian army is meant), unconfirmed and inadequately explained, parallels the 3000 'hoplites' in the Euxine.