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Synonyms for pentobarbital

a barbiturate (trade name Nembutal) used as a sedative and hypnotic and antispasmodic

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Approximately 15 min after the second exposure period, animals were serially sedated with Ketamine (10 mg/kg, intramuscular) and euthanized with Euthasol (> 1 mL/4.
Rats were deeply anesthetized with an ip injection of Euthasol (200 mg/kg sodium pentobarbital, 25 mg/kg phenytoin; Virbac Animal Health, Ft.
mice were anesthetized with Euthasol (390 mg pentobarbital sodium, 50 mg phenytoin sodium/mL; VIRBAC, Ft.
All rats were sacrificed by intraperitoneal injection of an overdose of Euthasol (Virbac AH Inc.
Rats were sacrificed by intraperitoneal injection of Euthasol approximately 24 hr after exposure.