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Synonyms for euthanasia

mercy killing

Synonyms for euthanasia

the act of killing someone painlessly (especially someone suffering from an incurable illness)

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The country is considering expanding the law to include dementia patients and ill children whose parents consent to euthanization.
have been fighting diligently to change policy, bring awareness and stop the unnecessary euthanization of healthy adoptable dogs in the city and county of Los Angeles," Contactmusic quoted her as writing in her blog post for the iVillage series CelebVillage.
so it was of little surprise that only 9% of respondents supported euthanization or sharp-shooting to resolve moose-human conflicts.
reduce the euthanization rate, and to achieve the City's goals of achieving the "no kill" goal by restricting breeding practices.
The risk for MPXV infection and spread among prairie dogs are mitigated by current import and trade restrictions and the death or euthanization of most animals directly associated with the outbreak.
After euthanization the thyroid glands and surrounding tissue from the first 10 animals from each group were removed and placed into formalin fixative for at least 48 hr before trimming and weighing.
In essence, then, while the appearance of "treating humans as animals" may initially seem objectionable, when one considers the fact that the veterinary community has done more to ensure the humanity of its euthanization procedures than has been done with regard to lethal injection, treating inmates as animals may, in this case, be an improvement.
Marta Heidt, co-owner of Omega Farms near Noti, which provides euthanization and burial for horses, said she saw an uptick last fall in horse owners who faced the choice between continued medical costs or having their horses put down.
Cupertino, CA, USA) placed intraperitoneally and delivering 42 [micro]g/kg/h (1 mg/kg/day) pure genistein in its aglycone form throughout the 3 days until euthanization.
But valuing the euthanization "rights" of the rich's pets more than citizens' rights to effective self-defense?
First, Mark Proudman's claim that Israel's withdrawal to its 1967 borders would amount to the euthanization of the Jewish state is a view held by Israel's political far right.
In addition, blood was collected via the caudal vein prior to euthanization to assess the seasonal relationship of certain steroid hormones (E2 and 11-KT) to gonad function.
Visuals express the significance of Bring Pets Home's efforts, emphasizing that donations can help prevent the euthanization of "millions of pets" annually.
If just a small percentage of those looking to acquire a pet in the next year choose to adopt, we can end the euthanization of all healthy and treatable pets across the U.