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(Greek mythology) the Muse of music (or the flute)

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Human studies show their ability to increase water content in aging cells, with Euterpe oleracea fruit extract improving moisture by 51% within 24 hours of topical application.
Phase two of the improvements will take place between Sandy Row and Euterpe Street for a three week period.
Escrito espresamente para los individuos de las Sociedades Corales de Euterpe, en la Gran Festival de 1862.
The cespitose Euterpe oleracea forms dense stands in coastal swamps under tidal influence in the Amazon estuary (Anderson, 1988) as well as in the Orinoco delta (Gonzalez Boscan, 1987).
Seed deposition patterns and the survival of seeds and seedlings of the palm Euterpe edulis.
Fruiting phenology and frugivory on the palm Euterpe edulis in a lowland Atlantic Forest of Brazil.
Ualtra pianta invece fiorisce poiche e Amore a scegliere l'autore come oggetto (autobiografia) ed ha Calliope (l'epica) ed Euterpe (la lirica) come soggetto.
Her collection extends from Arshile Gorky, Auguste Rodin, Max Beckmann (his Actors [1941-1942] is remarkable), Jacques Lipchitz, Eduardo Paolozzi, and others in her early years of aquisition to important items of African, Asiatic, and ancient art later on, to one of the more important collections of Gaston Lachaise in the United States, to the most personal collection of David Smith anywhere (Terpsichore and Euterpe [1947]; Fish [1950-1951]; Detroit Queen [1957]; Doorway on Wheels [1960]; numerous paintings, photographs, and studies).
Schott's Sohne); David Ledet edited the third Andre concerto in C minor for Musica Rara (Monteaux, 1988, piano reduction); in 1992, Karthause-Verlag (Unna, Germany) produced Birgit Welpmann's edition of the second Andre concerto in G minor and Kees Verheijen's of the second Sieber concerto in C major in piano arrangements; and nearly simultaneously with the editions here under review, Jozef Raatz and Marcin Kowalczyk edited the same second Sieber concerto for Euterpe (Gdansk, 2001).
It's impossible to miss - a three-masted, iron-hulled sailing ship that was launched in Great Britain as the Euterpe in 1863.
Euterpe edulis: alteration of the size of disperser's populations due to habitat fragmentation; Fadini et al.
The other vengeful godmother, Euterpe, the muse of music, collaborated with the mother who:
Once again--don't take this badly--you yourself say your music is "detestable"--it is, actually, more detestable than you believe, not in a way detrimental to the common interest, but worse than that: detrimental to you, who cannot more hideously waste your excess of leisure than in this kind of rape of Euterpe.
Ditters made a name for himself with his 12 programmatic sinfonias based on Ovids Metamorphoses and in Pichl's output we also find a cycle of sinfonias with the names of Greek muses: Terpsichore, Euterpe, Uranie, Clio, Melpomene, Calliope, Thalia and Polyhymnia (cca 1764-1769).