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a mixture of substances having a minimum melting point

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Radiometric observation of melting and freezing plateaus for a series of metal-carbon eutectic points in the range 1330[degrees]C to 1950[degrees]C.
The lead-free SnAgCu-based alloy systems have a near-eutectic melting point approximately 34 degrees C higher than the tin-lead eutectic point.
The eutectic point permits the proportion of primary aluminum and eutectic structure to promote a ductility less than 5%.
Aluminum alloys with silicon levels above the eutectic point (hypereutectic alloys) can be modified using phosphorus at an additional level of 0.
Both iron and carbon will stay in solution past the eutectic point.
5 Liter Cascade Benchtop Freeze Dry System from Labconco has an ice holding capacity for light to moderate sample loads and dual refrigeration systems for samples with low eutectic points.