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level of the ocean's surface (especially that halfway between mean high and low tide)

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1999b), related to a change in sea stratification and/or organic productivity; (2) possibly eustatic sea level fall in late Keila time and a following transgression(s) lasting from late Keila to early Rakvere time; (3) increased input of siliciclastic clay and silt into the basin during late Keila and Oandu time, initiated by sea level change; (4) appearance of new fauna at the boundary between the Keila and Oandu stages, possibly reflecting a global change (Meidla et al.
Variable isostatic Earth crust vertical motion pattern over the region combined with the global eustatic sea level change [2] results in long-term trends of observed sea level, yielding a maximum decrease - 8.
The evidence supports a model of localized control on sedimentation rather than sedimentation controlled by glacially influenced eustatic sea level change.
This, combined with a lowering of eustatic sea level, resulted in the exposure and erosion of broad shelfal areas, and deposition of the detritus in the sag basin.
The global eustatic sea level curve might give evidence about the relationship between MGS fluctuations and glaciation dynamics.