Eustachian tube

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either of the paired tubes connecting the middle ears to the nasopharynx

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ETD occurs when the Eustachian tube, a canal extending from the middle ear to the nasopharynx, cannot open properly.
Some GPs will recommend either oral or nasal decongestants to help resolve the problem if it's ongoing - these work by helping to open the eustachian tube.
The effect of dental overbite on eustachian tube dysfunction in Iranian children.
Air moving into and out of the middle ears by way of the eustachian tubes equalizes pressure.
Sometimes the problem is that a person has a smaller eustachian tube, but again, congestion from colds or allergies is a major culprit in altitude-related ear pain.
However, sometimes, especially in children, the eustachian tube can become swollen or blocked due to allergies or colds.
The lining of your child's middle ear and eustachian tube becomes inflamed (red and swollen) because of the illness.
Or it could be caused by a blocked Eustachian tube and an auditory nerve that isn't functioning properly.
He holds two patents: for developing an artificial Eustachian tube bypass and for the Silverstein Micro Wick, a revolutionary sponge-like device that delivers medication safely and effectively to the inner ear.
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On page 64 the Eustachian tube is said to be fibrocartilage, but in fact it is composed of elastic cartilage.
In children, the adenoids are larger, so they can more easily block the opening of the eustachian tube.
We feel the need to open our eustachian tube when there is a change in air pressure, like when we go up or down in an elevator or an airplane.
This pressure can force viruses and bacteria up the eustachian tube into the sinuses and middle ear.