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an insect that lives in a colony with other insects of the same species

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Eusociality, in the rare instances it is achieved, evolves through the process called multi-level selection.
In a second mathematical analysis, the team investigated how eusociality could evolve through standard natural selection.
Researchers were able to sequence ancient and degraded DNA, obtain a paired-end map of structural variation throughput the human genome at unprecedented resolution, and analyze the role of gene expression in the evolution of eusociality.
Superorganism is a term used to describe a collection of organisms that exhibit individual division of labor and eusociality.
For mammals, you don't have to be super related for eusociality to evolve," Faulkes concludes.
Many of the families within this order exhibit eusociality while others are strictly solitary.
Others include R-selection (prolific breeding), the production of secondary metabolites (such as venoms), segmentation, eusociality and armour-plating.
The Social Biology of Ropalidia marginata: Toward Understanding the Evolution of Eusociality.
Advanced eusociality, kin selection and male haploidy.
The study, entitled "Wasp brain gene expression supports an evolutionary link between maternal behavior and eusociality," appears online (ahead of print) today in the journal Science.