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Christian bishop of Caesarea in Palestine

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In flat contradiction to the later writings of Eusebius, especially his Theophany and Commentary on Isaiah, Brown argues that Constantine and his Christian contemporaries could not "envision the emergence of Christianity as a majority religion" (p.
Early secular historians such as Josephus, Tacitus and Eusebius recorded the miracles of Jesus.
The latter contains Brahms's corrections and revisions, along with notes by two close friends and associates, Eusebius Mandyczewski and biographer and music critic Max Kalbeck.
Eusebius wears a nightshirt, chain-smokes, and bitterly scowls at the world from behind a sinister pair of shades.
Firm owner Stelescu Eusebius said he was forced to start using convicts because of the credit crunch.
plus brief scattered quotations of over twenty passages by five of them: Ignatius, Origen, Epiphanius, Eusebius, and Jerome (who alone accounts for twelve citations).
Eusebius claims that Constantine consulted with Christians about his vision, and that, having compared "the heavenly vision with the interpretation given, he found his judgment confirmed.
In Part 1, "The destiny of the Non-Christian" from the patristic to the contemporary magisterium, Carola starts with the issue of salvation for non-Christians in patristic theology and examines the writings of such major theologians as Justin Martyr, Origen, Eusebius of Caesare, and Augustine of Hippo.
St Eusebius is visited daily by the devil, a whiny cockney, who attempts to tempt the great saint out of his cave in Egypt with money, power and lust.
Robert Schumann in his lifetime may have been better known as a music critic than as a composer, and in the music criticism journal he created (which continues to this day) he frequently assessed music via a dialog between two polar figures, Eusebius - introverted, reserved, subservient, thoughtfully mournful - and Florestan - passionate, heroic, combative and frenzied.
Although the principal interest is the mature Augustine, whose distance from Eusebius is readily acknowledged, the observation also is that in the early Middle Ages the Augustinian view failed to drive out the Eusebian.
Perspectives on the east, however, have been influenced to a large extent by the ecclesiastical historians of late antiquity, starting with Eusebius of Caesarea.
Goddard, founder of Pennsylvania's system of state parks, to the Railroad Shopmen's strike of 1922 in Altoona to Quaker abolitionist and Underground Railroad activist Eusebius Barnard of Chester County.
Brahms himself, Robert Keller (Simrock's editor), and Eusebius Mandyczewski all provided lists of errors and discrepancies.
Christianity and the Transformation of the Book: Origen, Eusebius, and the Library of Caesarea.