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large extinct scorpion-like arthropod considered related to horseshoe crabs

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There is still much to be learned from, and about, this diminutive Silurian predator that shared the seas with much larger eurypterids, and it is all thanks to Carl Fechko's discovery and generous donation of his unintended catch to the ROM.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The findings by a team of researchers reinterpreted the habits, capabilities, and ecological role of the giant pterygotid eurypterid, the largest arthropod that ever lived.
Among the fossils Whiteaves described were eurypterids.
In Scotland, both pterygotids and hughmillerids are believed to have inhabited lacustrine environments, while stylonurid eurypterids inhabited fluvial environments.
The two outcrop belts of the Campbellton Formation that have yielded eurypterids were interpreted as having been deposited in western and eastern sub-basins by Kennedy and Gibling (2011), possibly separated by a topographic barrier.
Eurypterids from the Early Devonian of the Midland Valley of Scotland.
Rare and poorly known eurypterids from Willwerath, Germany.
A single abdominal eurypterid fragment was found in these beds in 1997, just east of Point La Nim, from a hard, grey siltstone unit approximately 1.
The eurypterid bed occurs at a level 14 m above the base of section III in the marginal lacustrine facies association described by Kennedy and Gibling (2011).
The extinct eurypterids, or sea scorpions, are the most diverse Paleozoic chelicerates.
Summary of a revision of New York State Ordovician eurypterids: implications for eurypterid palaeoecology, diversity and evolution.
Eurypterid phylogeny with remarks on the origin of arachnids.
Chelicerata: Chasmataspidida) from Lesmahagow, Scotland, and its implications for eurypterid phylogeny.