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(Greek mythology) the wife of Orpheus

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Data on national policies, practices and research in STEM education can be found in the new Eurydice report http://eacea.
Letty Cheadle, a late replacement, filled the role of Eurydice with aplomb, while Colin Lapworth - also director and choreographer - proved an amusing Orpheus.
Eurydice subverts her previous lament for a lost life, dismissing the earlier imagery of a living earth and a black hell as Orpheus's illusions--poetic tropes that carry no meaning for her (or have been misread within his tradition).
It is directed by Sara Freeman and features Bary Shaw as Father, Cameron Carlisle as Nasty Interesting Man/Lord of the Underworld, Alexis Schaetzle as Eurydice and Peter Vergari as Orpheus.
While at first it seemed that Alagna might overshadow Manfrino, she dispelled any doubts with moving and captivating performances of Fotune ennemie, also from Orphee et Eurydice, and Dis-moi que je suis belle from ThaE[macron]s by Massenet.
A report from EU education network Eurydice says that a close focus on individual country implementation of Bologna policies is required.
Ms Wegorzewska-Whiskerd has also played the lead in the Polish premiere of Britten's opera The Rape of Lucretia, staged by the Krakuw Opera and Orpheus in Gluck's Orpheus and Eurydice, staged by the Krakuw company in a co-production with the Europaeische Festspielinitiative.
She then tries on the identities of other mythical characters, such as Echo, Eurydice and Persephone, goes to work in Aphrodite's dress shop, and visits her mother Demeter in an idyllic cottage above the sea.
The production stages various tableaux that strike the imagination and leave haunting afterimages: Psyche enters holding a candelabra in the dark and wades through the pool to peer at her lover whom she imagines to be a monster; Midas's daughter lies frozen on her back from having hugged her father, her arms and legs circling the nothingness where her father was; Orpheus kneels in a shower of rain to plead with the gods for Eurydice.
Barber Coin Curator Eurydice Georganteli also welcomed a contingent from the British Museum, with whom the Barber collaborated to mount the exhibition which runs in the Coin Gallery until March 2009.
Playwright Sarah Ruhl enchanted both in her interpretation of the Demeter-Persephone myth (Cornerstone's ``Demeter in the City'') and in tackling Orpheus and Eurydice (Circle X's ``Eurydice.
Orpheus and Eurydice * (Lincoln Center, New York): A new theatrical song cycle written by out composer Ricky lan Gordon in collaboration with out choreographer Doug Varone, (Oct.
Secondly, Orpheus's lament on the banks of the River Strymon at the final loss of Eurydice underlined the origins of art: art is born out of suffering, out of loss and absence; art provides a presence to make up for this void.
Poet Orphee (Marais) falls in love with Death (Casares), but when his wife Eurydice (Dea) is taken to the Underworld Orphee has to follow to get her back.
During carnival season, Orpheus and Eurydice fall in love only to discover that Death itself relentlessly pursues and eventually captures Eurydice.