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36) This "racial system" was composed ofa Europoid dolichocephalic Transcaspian race (the Turkmen), a Europoid brachycephalic race situated between the Ainu Darya and the Syr Darya (the Uzbeks, the Tajiks, a portion of the Karakalpaks), a Europoid dolichocephalic Caspian race (the Azeris), and a Siberian race from the south of Semirech'e (the Kazakhs and Kirgiz).
Language Group Allele Europoid Between-Group Frequency Features * Contact ** Bantu: Eastern High + With Nilotic Bantu: Western Moderate ++ Little to none Hamitic Low +++ Little to none Nilotic High + With Eastern Bantu Pygmoid Very High 0 Little to none * Europoid Features = the degree to which researchers believed that the tribal people within a language group exhibited Caucasian-like characteristic (height, head shape, skin color, etc.
What would become Jefferson's society, in contrast, had been moving relatively slowly across the continent, like a rug unrolling over the wilderness, replacing indigenous cultures and natural spaces with Europoid civilization and cultivated land.
In either case, the lands held by the indigenas were viewed as being but temporarily in their control, and Jefferson was able to view the wilderness to the west as a vacuum, waiting to be filled with a relatively homogenized population of Europeans, their descendents, and indigenas acting like Europoids, all farming.