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assimilation into European culture

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This instrumentalization of gender expertise can be linked to the larger socio-historical reality of the EU in which member states are encouraged to liberalization through the Europeanization processes (Mazey, 1998; Rossili, 2000; Ghodsee, 2004; Pascall & Lewis, 2004; Squires, 2008; Kantola & Squires, 2012).
The negative aspects are multiple also because the Europeanization is uncontrolled, unled, and not a governed process.
We have already lost out national identity without Europeanization and EU membership.
Within this scope, three different steering mechanisms of Europeanization have been identified by Michael W.
While Europeanization and democratization are clearly linked, there is public resentment whenever EU demands for compliance with the Copenhagen Criteria clash with nationalist beliefs, e.
At the same time it assesses the broader dynamics of Europeanization and MLG which are pivotal components of the analysis which this book contains.
Flexicurity": "wish list" or concept able to catch Europeanization features (1)?
Nevertheless, as the dedicated chapter argues, Turkey's continued Europeanization, even if it falls short of an eventual EU membership, constitutes an advantage for the Kurdish nation as a whole, despite potentially creating further divides between Kurds living in Turkey and those in Syria, Iraq, and Iran.
On the other hand it is unclear whether it is due to Europeanization of Macedonia.
Within such a context, this paper focuses on the extent to which the judicialization (see Ehrenhaft 1981) of trade policy in the Union and its diffusion externally have impacted on states which are members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), reflecting the process of Europeanization (see Schimmelfennig 2010) as a manifestation of Union external governance.
They present 16 papers that examine Denmark's engagement with the policy and institutional debates within the European Union, seeking to conceptually anchor the proceedings by asking contributors to engage with theories of Europeanization, theories of foreign policy analysis, and theories of integration.
Finally, there is a kind of Europeanization of societies and of memories of the past, though it is weak and certainly not heralding a post-national era.
Because of its evolution from merely an intergovernmental economic cooperation into a supranational one with distinct institutions, rules and norms influencing the member states, the EU is assumed to fuel processes of Europeanization of domestic institutions, policy processes, and actors.
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