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assimilation into European culture

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12) Schimmelfennig and Sedelmeier, The Europeanization of Central and Eastern Europe; and Kubicek, The European Union and Democratization.
The authors of the edited volume The Euro at 10: Europeanization, Power, and Convergence set out to assess the impact of the new currency on three groups of states within the European Union (EU): the Euro group, the 16 member states of the EU that gave up their national currencies for the euro; temporary outsiders, the eight central and eastern European states that have not yet met the convergence criteria to be able to adopt the euro; and semi-permanent outsiders, the three member states that chose not to adopt the euro for the foreseeable future.
In a recent book The Discovery of the Baltic I claim that the process of Europeanization had a fundamental similarity to the World-system model.
The economic model of many European governments remains defensive, whether seen in the light of globalization, of Europeanization, or of the need to include all kinds of "stakeholders" in a purely domestic restructuring.
As for the future, Tocci foresees that the role of EU lies at the heart of the matter in the progressive and endemic processes of europeanization as it was in Greece, Turkey and Northern Cyprus.
Europeanization as a globalization strategy would be regarded in Turkey as legitimate, for this process would also bring Turkey closer to its Western/ European identity.
James the Marxist in dialogue with James the Pan-Africanist, representing the actions of Toussaint L'Overture and others in words and actions, subtly but evidently places a diasporic sensibility of transported Africans against the mere Europeanization of the age-old rebellious impulse.
There is also something of an emerging transatlantic consensus: the French and Germans would certainly prefer to take care of their own backyard--witness the Europeanization of peacekeeping in Bosnia and Kosovo--and British diplomat Robert Cooper has called for an "imperialism of neighbors," which recognizes that for developed countries "instability in your neighborhood poses threats which no state can ignore"
Europeanization, to include membership in the European Union, is key if Macedonia is to survive.
Future prospects for the revolution in Europe will revolve around three interconnected issues: money, interoperability, and Europeanization.
Antiquities cannot be held solely responsible for this phenomenon, as the new Underground project signifies a new image of modernization and `civilized' Europeanization.
There is one thing that nobody can prevent if the Europeanization of Macedonia and NATO membership are blocked, because it will result in state collapse due to the fierce struggles for power.
SDSM promise that if they come to power they will put the European assistance in the service of the Europeanization of the country and direct the money of the IPA II fund to municipalities, schools, the unemployed and labor unions.
Further, the articles within the latest issue of RSP--47/2015--guide the reader and enhance the collective perception on Europeanization and European governance related to: the national identity and peacebuilding process, the comparison of the process of establishment of the communist regime in Central European countries, European practices for the integration of immigrants, policies, programs and prospects related to national and regional interests, post-communism and security, media theory and media systems, traditional Romanian villages etc.
In terms of foreign policy, Germany rebuilt trust by embracing Western integration and Europeanization.
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