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What does the European starling eat (Sturnus vulgaris) in Algeria, region of its wintering area?
Influence of nest-site competition between European Starlings and woodpeckers.
Shakespeare to blame for introduction of European starlings to U.
And unlike European starlings, a common pest, they don't eat grapes and seeds--just bugs.
In 1960, a flock of European starlings was blamed for an Eastern Airlines crash into Boston Harbor that killed 62 people.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Research into decision-making by European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) may help explain why many animals, including humans, sometimes exhibit irrational preferences.
European starlings -- birds individually small enough to fit in a hand -- are collectively a menace.
Acoustic Traits Female European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) prefer males with large repertoires which indicate developmental stress.
As the kids practiced Wednesday for a play, they were greeted by European starlings, crows, Brewer's blackbirds, sparrows -- and a 2-foot-tall raven perched on the lunch table to say "Hello.
Lesinski (Walker & Company, 1996) describes five nonnative animals--the sea lamprey, fire ants, zebra mussels, European starlings, and African honeybees--that have been wreaking havoc on North America.
And European starlings released far from home can't find their way back if they can't smell anything.
As a biologist who teaches and does research on invasive species, I was impressed to see your coverage, complete with an ominous photo, of how European starlings invaded North America ("Black Birds," Window on the West, October, page 26).
To test the hypothesis, scientists from Johns Hopkins University assessed the singing skills of 16 male European starlings in an outdoor aviary in Baltimore, then challenged the birds' immune systems.
Ms Engel, from Halesworth in Suffolk, said one example was the way European starlings used strong-smelling herbs in their nests to fight off mites and lice which can harm young chicks.
5% of the birds recorded with European starlings [Sturnus vulgaris (5.
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