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Synonyms for robin

small Old World songbird with a reddish breast

large American thrush having a rust-red breast and abdomen

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nymphs) on European robins, which migrate across Turkey twice a year en route from their breeding sites to their wintering sites (Figure 2) and back.
7 (Phoenicurus phoenicurus) European robin 16/3,106 (0.
Caption: The European robin, a different species from the North American kind, can lose its compass sense when exposed to a background of human-generated electromagnetic noise.
Night-migratory songbirds like European robins have an internal magnetic compass that allows them to choose the correct migratory direction during the spring and fall migration seasons.
In outdoor taste tests with 16 European robins, birds overall preferred uninfected wax moth caterpillars to ones that had been infected for at least three days.
We investigated movement patterns of radio-tagged European Robins during spring (northbound) and fall migration stopovers on the southeastern Baltic Coast, Russia.
He and his colleagues have found that urban noise pollution has a stronger effect than light pollution on whether European robins switch from daytime singing to nocturnal serenades.
In European robins, a visual center in the brain and light-sensing cells in the eye--not magnetic sensing cells in the beak--allow the songbirds to detect which direction is north and migrate correctly, scientists report in the Oct.
As dawn breaks on a misty Welsh morning, the earliest birds to break into song are likely to include European robins, followed by blackbirds and song thrushes and then a plethora of other species as sunlight crowns the horizon.
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