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a hotel plan that provides a continental breakfast daily

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The German cabinet on Wednesday approved the first phase of a European plan to create a banking union in the 17-member eurozone.
Indigo, which is operating a fleet comprising Airbus aircraft, would continue stay with the European plan, said Ghosh.
Greek Premier stresses that the European plan should be implemented.
During an emergency meeting on Wednesday to address the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou's decision to hold a referendum on the European plan to save Greece's economy, France's Nicolas Sarkozy and Germany's Angela Merkel made it clear that saving the euro was ultimately more important than rescuing Greece.
Analysts also said that markets were waiting to see the details of the new European plan, in order to judge whether the measures would be sufficient to avoid debt contagion to at-risk countries including Italy and Spain.
AROUND half a billion pounds is set to be ploughed into Merseyside in a proposed European plan to create jobs and fight poverty.
The pending proposal, which an EU source said would be announced in time for a summit of leaders on October 17, had raised high hopes of a grand European plan to prop up weak lenders, driving up stock markets and lifting the euro.
The resort is offering a stay for USD129 per person, per night, under a European Plan, including breakfast; and a stay for USD192 per person, per night, under a Luxury Gourmet Plan, which includes all a-la-carte meals at the resort restaurants, in addition to snacks and premium beverages.
According to Stefanovski, the European plan B would mean Macedonia to get set with a date for negotiations with the stipulation to end the negotiations but in this case Macedonia should defend its interests and not only be a slave to the EU and NATO option.
Summary: Morocco welcomes a European plan to draw solar power from the Sahara and wants a leading role in the project, which is worth up to 400 billion euros, the head of its renewable energy agency said.
Nor does the Commission want a "European plan on the industry's structural changes," deemed necessary, moreover, by the very same commissioner - structural changes, not the European plan that is.
At the Arab Economic Summit in Kuwait today sources for Egyptian President Mubarak say that he is looking for support for the European plan for the reconstruction of Gaza.
VRG Linhas Aereas, Gol, Boeing Within months of starting the European plan collapsed, leaving Gol in a quandary over what to do.
Hours later the Bush administration agreed to support a European plan to postpone action by the U.
Under the European plan, a security agreement would be concluded with Israel ahead of Palestinians elections in January.
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