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If the cargo had been smuggled to Europe it would have endangered all the European people and resulted in the destruction of the human community," the commander noted.
Erdogan said the terrorist organization PKK gives harm not only to Turkish people but also to European countries and European people, especially youth.
Earlier, a prominent American analyst had said that the wave of Erhal revolutions in the Middle-East and North Africa is now growing to the European continent, stressing that the popular uprisings in the Arab states serve as a role model for the European people who have just started protests against their corrupt leaders.
With agreements such as our recent CDKnet partnership, Central and East European people will be able to access their native language programming from anywhere in the world.
The interior has been made higher to fit the taller European people.
The hearts and minds of the Cypriot people are king amongst the European people.
Whatever choice they make, they've still failed in bringing the EU closer to the European people
Niebler belongs to the European Peoples Party (Christian Democrats) and has been an MEP since 1999.
Incorporating multi-level analysis taking into account both person- and country-level variables, the studies identify similarities between European countries in some respects, but similar diversities within most of the European peoples.
The EU is based on an ever closer union of European peoples.
The largest group with 221 seats in the 751-member chamber is the European Peoples Party, which is the home of the conservatives and Christian Democrats and is dominated by the Germans under Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats.
In a statement to reporters, Mekdad said that this western policy means that such weapons will be used soon by the same terrorist groups they have supported against the European peoples.
BRUSSELS (TAP) - Democratic Forum for Labour and Liberties (Ettakatol) Secretary-General Mustapha Ben Jaafar said, on Saturday, that the unanimous choice of his party along with Palestinian Fatah Movement as observer members of the Party of European Socialists (PES) is "a step on the path of solidarity between the European peoples and the Arab world.
They conclude that shamanism was endemic in ancient European peoples long before there were organized religions.
This is a denial of historical evidence and of the Christian identity of the European peoples," the Vatican official said.
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