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any one of the countries occupying the European continent

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With European giants like France, Spain and Italy out of the equation because of the huge financial costs involved, that game will now be against a middle-ranking European nation.
LONDON, April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- A major international exercise using advanced new technology to help European nations improve their response to massive coastal flooding was held throughout Europe last week.
Wales should have the powers to go with a senedd, and then we can look to other similar European nations such as Latvia to see what we can aspire to, a proud independent national taking its seat at the European table.
Outside of Muslim Albania," Buchanan tells the reader, "no European nation is producing enough babies to replace its population.
International integration helped Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar convert a mid-sized European nation into a global player.
In 1999 philanthropist James Hormel went to the small European nation as the first openly gay U.
His supporters are also exploring the possibility of arranging asylum for Shaikh in a European nation.
Security Council resolution authorizing force, it has the right, in certain circumstances, to intervene in the internal affairs of a European nation.
It is a political collective, proceeding by incremental strategic decisions reached behind closed doors, and applied secretively by the Collective's Executive, the European Commission, to which the constituent European nation states foolishly delegated 'general powers,' ostensibly in the interests of 'cooperation.
Photo: (color) A group from the Eastern European nation of Albania visits College of the Canyons on Friday to check out U.
SOCCER: Romania became the first European nation to qualify for next year's World Cup after its 4-2 victory over Macedonia maintained its perfect record of seven wins.
Skelton was part of the England team that won the European Nations Championship for the Sherry Cup at Sotogrande in Spain.
From today onwards, Serbia becomes formally part of an admission procedure which leads to the family of European nations.
He mentioned that the Sultanate of Oman is dealing with some European nations on the exchange of visas for those who keep diplomatic and special passports.
It is not expected that banks would come to the rescue of indebted European nations, even as pressure is mounting on them to use cheap capital from the European Central Bank to fund sovereign bond purchases.
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