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any one of the countries occupying the European continent

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This four-day period was favored by several European nations in NATO that remain deeply uneasy about the idea of airstrikes against Yugoslavia, NATO diplomats said.
Germany's economic development agency held roadshows in India to attract the country's businesses to invest in ICT clusters in the Eastern part of the European nation.
With European giants like France, Spain and Italy out of the equation because of the huge financial costs involved, that game will now be against a middle-ranking European nation.
Meanwhile, in Romania, another European nation subject to communist rule after the Second World War, President Traian Basescu said he would support the opening of secret police files on his country's Orthodox clergy.
As a member of Prodi's center-left coalition, Luxuria became one of the first transgencler candidates to win a parliamentary seat in a European nation.
The establishment of the national assembly and the new senedd (parliament) building reflects how Wales is now moving forward as a confident European nation.
This brief new entry in the popular series about Mia, a Manhattan high school student who also happens to be heir to the throne of a small European nation, is a version of the classic O.
Speaking the Truth tells how Communists killed countless people in this southeastern European nation for their loyalty to the then outlawed Greek Catholic Church.
Other polls have shown weekly attendance at houses of worship in America at about 50 percent--much higher than any Western European nation.
Outside of Muslim Albania," Buchanan tells the reader, "no European nation is producing enough babies to replace its population.
International integration helped Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar convert a mid-sized European nation into a global player.
In 1999 philanthropist James Hormel went to the small European nation as the first openly gay U.
His supporters are also exploring the possibility of arranging asylum for Shaikh in a European nation.
An overview of how European nations carbon intensity compares against G8 and BRIC countries electricity generation
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