European lobster

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similar to but smaller than American lobsters

lobster of Atlantic coast of Europe

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Benavente GP, Uglem I, Browne R, Balsa CM (2010) Culture of juvenile European lobster (Homarus gammarus L.
He's already run a highly successful and long running breed and release program for the Common European Lobster and is therefore one of only a handful marine scientists who are geared up for this type of project.
Members of this family include the American lobster (Homarus americanus) and the European lobster (H.
The Common European lobster is usually a mottled dark blue/greenybrown colour until it is boiled when it turns the orange/pink colour which seafood lovers are familiar with.
Subsequent studies have served as a basis for temperature-mediated growth models for egg development in other lobster species, such as the European lobster, Homarus gammarus (Charmantier and Mounet-Guillaume, 1992) and New Zealand rock lobster, Jasus edwardsii (Tong et al, 2000).
Nutritional quality of the edible tissues of European lobster Homarus gammarus and American lobster Homarus americanus.
TV CHEF and millionaire restaurateur Rick Stein has given his backing to a Welsh university's scientific approach to keeping European lobster on our menus.
Development of methods for intensive farming of European lobster in recirculated sweater.
The Norway lobster Nephrops norwegicus and the European lobster Hommarus gammarus were used as model organisms, with emersion as an invoker of hemolymph L-lactate.
In the European lobster (Homarus gammarus), maturity curves show no decrease in the proportion of ovigerous females at sizes greater than 120 mm in CL (Laurans et al.
2003) for American lobsters collected in Canada and for the European lobster (Homarus gammarus Linnaeus, 1758).
One-year-old juvenile European lobsters Homarus gammarus exposed to shelter can locate and settle into shelter more quickly than inexperienced juveniles (van der Meeren, 2001).
Releasing native species, for example European lobsters and brown crabs into the seas around the UK means that they fit into the local sealife community.
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