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European twining plant whose flowers are used chiefly to flavor malt liquors

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Nearby is Busch Farm which was bought by Budweiser to provide the European hops it blends with its American grown crop.
These ads celebrate how Central European hops are commingled with the raging cascades from mysterious mountain streams to produce an elixir known as, well, beer.
Haunold is currently busy working on several new selections that also stem from the old European hops Tettnanger and Saazer.
It is made from European and Australian malt, American and European hops, and Dutch yeasts.
The beer was brewed with pale malts, wheat, and European hops, and was fermented with a blend of four strains of saison yeast.
Pilsners are lagers that have a light golden color, clean malt profile and a pronounced hop character resulting from generous use of continental European hops.
Brewed using 100% European hops, a high percentage of two-row Danish barley, and the world-famous Carlsberg yeast, Elephant Red has a smooth, full-bodied taste without the heavy aftertaste commonly associated with other red beers.
We're using the best German malts we can find, together with interesting and flavorful European hops.
The beer is brewed using 100% European hops, carefully selected barley varieties, and the special Carlsberg yeast.
Newark was an ideal location because it offered proximity to New York harbor to receive European hops, excellent rail and road connections and high-quality water, Rogers said.
Session is continental Pilsner is brewed with American and European hops for a wonderful noble hop aroma, and two row barley malt, with a touch of wheat malt for a pleasant refreshing finish.
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