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the basic monetary unit of most members of the European Union (introduced in 1999)

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Even if Europe succeeds in the short term in restoring tattered confidence on financial markets, years of painful adjustment loom for southern European euro members, aggravated by a prolonged recession with a high risk of political revolt.
The 'Linha 2012' Volksbus will see the very successful bus model in Latin America offered with European Euro V technology for the first time.
The three most counterfeited banknotes we receive are the UAE dirham, the US dollar followed by the European euro," Al Najar said.
Only the US dollar, Great Britain pound ( GBP), European euro and Japanese yen have their own symbols.
The eight currencies selected include the following: European euro to the US dollar (Euro), British pound to the US dollar (Pound), Swiss franc to the US dollar (SSFranc), Japanese yen to the US dollar (Yen), Canadian dollar to the US dollar (Can$), Mexican peso to the US dollar (MxPeso), Singapore dollar to the US dollar (Sing$), and the India rupee to the US dollar (Rupee).
The company says its German made models are becoming less profitable in the UK because of the closeness of the European Euro and the British Pound.
When measured against a collection of other leading worldwide currencies--like the European euro, the Japanese yen and the Canadian dollar--the U.
Many people in the business world believe it will only be a matter of time before the UK is dragged - kicking and screaming if necessary - into the European euro club.
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