European country

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any one of the countries occupying the European continent

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The team produces fact sheets for each European country.
The customs authorities at the European country in question has virtually seized the addressee and interrogated him.
Which European country that borders Macedonia has a majority Muslim population?
The leader of a smaller European country tried to invade Russia.
The company says once Acceptine receives marketing authorization in its first European country, it intends to file applications for marketing authorization in other European countries through the Mutual Recognition process.
At least one European country, Sweden, is considering a new approach that may meet Californians' wishes.
One Eastern European country, Poland, is already a member of IFAC, and Hungary will also become a member shortly.
In addition, Yugoslavia is the only Eastern European country aggressively attacking the problems of excess labor that plague the entire region, and the government is backing companies that apply austerity measures.
The Fund's investment objective is long-term capital appreciation, which it seeks to achieve by investing primarily in equity securities of Eastern European country issuers and in debt securities issued or guaranteed by Eastern European country governments or governmental entities.
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