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exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one

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The postcolonial scholars of the Indian descent refuse to give them even that status; they simply treat strangers as nonexistent, unlike European colonialism, which largely operates by othering the other.
Yet it is difficult to underestimate the importance placed on, and indeed the energy invested in, maintaining racial 'difference' and 'distance' in the context of European colonialism.
Therefore, it could be argued that colonial exploitation and domination formed by centuries of European colonialism still persists until the present day, even without the existence of any form of colonial administration.
Many African nationalists blame European colonialism for distorting their respective economies and making them dependent on the global market.
Hovering ominously overhead, the painting implicated the gallery and visitors in the difficult histories that Irish confronts, and invited viewers to seek connections between the deep impact of European colonialism and the burgeoning US imperialism that ravaged Vietnam and persists unabated to this day.
Ali's rise to world prominence in the 1960s coincided with the pinnacle of Africa's independence euphoria when most of the African nations threw off the yoke of European colonialism.
European colonialism fueled the divide, and Hutus were ultimately deemed the lesser ethnicity.
Legal Pluralism and Empires, 1500-1850 is a collection of essays that attempts to reorient our understanding of European colonialism in the early modern era.
Chapter 2 provides a broad historical analysis of Hindu-Christian conflict, going back to the legacy of European colonialism.
French colonial fascism: The extreme right in Algeria, 1919-1939, covers a time and place in the history of European colonialism not often discussed.
Meanwhile, the ethical drive of Caribbean literary cannibalism highlights the "fallacy of legitimacy" that rationalizes European colonialism (144) and turns the consuming gaze back onto European literature, "devour[ing] fragments of text" (141).
Indeed, her work illustrates the need to look at European colonialism as not only a historical issue, but also a very contemporary issue.
ISLAMABAD -- ,,, For the first time, a global map detailing the genetic histories of 95 different populations across the world, showing likely genetic impacts of European colonialism, the Arab slave trade, the Mongol Empire and European traders near the Silk Road mixing with people in China, has been revealed.
It shows likely genetic impacts of historical events including European colonialism, the Mongol Empire, the Arab slave trade and European traders near the Silk Road mixing with people in China.
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