Populus tremula

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Old World aspen with a broad much-branched crown

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Soil in four hybrid aspen and four European aspen stands growing on former agricultural soils was analysed (Fig.
The microbiological data (number of CFU of fungi and bacteria, total soil DNA amount, as well as the results of ARDRA) were analysed for every geographical location separately; for example, the data from the hybrid aspen stand in Kalsnava were compared with the data from the European aspen in Kalsnava.
In the regression models stands of European aspen were labelled with 0 and stands of hybrid aspens with 1.
The European aspen and hybrid aspen stands in Iecava are growing on soil that is chemically and granulometrically different from the soils of all other geographically distinct sampling plots.
Key words: A Ices alces, biodiversity, browsing, European aspen, moose, Populus tremula, regeneration
The demographic structure of European aspen (Populus tremula) populations in managed and old-growth boreal forests in eastern Finland.
The European aspen features round leaves that also tremble in the wind.
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