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(chiefly Brit) a council representing employer and employees of a plant or business to discuss working conditions etc

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The former, focusing on European works councils, have been generally optimistic.
Works councils: International companies need to review whether they are covered by the European Works Council Directive.
In such cases, the Directive requires the company to appoint a representative agent to take responsibility for setting up the European works council or else, failing that, to ensure that management of the largest subsidiary performs that function.
The question of how different labor practices fit together into a "system" - for instance, whether one can adapt European works council or German apprenticeship programs, or Japanese style labor relations, to other countries - also calls out for theory as well as evidence.
Positive advice and opinion obtained from respectively the Central Works Council and the European Works Council.
This has been a clear warning that the employees of EADS will not accept decisions made to their disadvantage and over their heads," said Ruediger Luetjen, head of the company's European works council and an IG Metall union representative.
Mark's support formed the basis for Aesica's European Works Council which is essential for taking the German and Italian plants forward.
The European Works Council and the ComitE[umlaut] d'Entreprise France were notified by Oracle on last week that 250 positions would be eliminated in France, the union wrote on its blog.
We had a conference call with all the other trade unions across the European plants yesterday and we are looking for a meeting between the manufacturing committee of the European Works Council and Magna, hopefully by the end of this week.
Dariusz Skoriek, head of Solidarity's national food section, and Marek Wytrykowski, both from Cadbury's Wedel factory in Warsaw, gave their backing when they met their UK opposite numbers at the Cadbury's European Works Council at Heathrow Airport.
The company has more than 30,000 staff in Europe and 7,000 in the UK and the Honeywell European Works Council has sent a message of support to their Skelmersdale colleagues, who are members of the Unite union.
Mr Gallois will hold a news conference after the meeting with the European works council in Toulouse," an Airbus spokesman said, referring to Louis Gallois, co-chief executive of EADS and chief executive of Airbus.
Factory convener and European Works Council chairman Bill Blakelock said yesterday: "The workforce here has been phenomenal.
Yesterday, angry GMB union officials demanded an emergency meeting with the European Works Council in a bid to reverse the decision.
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