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Regarding new five-year strategic engagement plan between Pakistan and European Union, Jean Francois said that first plan had been completed from 2012-17 and a new plan was expected
In view of making the world a better and a sustainable place, European Union has been looking for ways that encourage energy policies with sustainable development.
The European Union, which collectively has a larger economy than that of the United States, has a fraction of U.
He added that all European Union consulates in Turkey were expected to apply a simplified and harmonized visa regime as of July.
1 percent in European Union compared to April 2009.
An EU court struck down the existing deal on a legal technicality in May but gave the European Union and the United States until September 30 to replace it.
The Reinsurance Directive will end collateralization within the European Union, something that is likely to strengthen the argument from Europe for an end to collateralization requirements in the United States.
Once it considers a proposed cross-border merger justified, the EU Commission intervenes if protective measures imposed by the government of a member country against foreign investors violate EU rules such as the principle of free capital movements or the right to set up companies throughout the European Union.
Under the agreement reached late Friday between Chinese Commerce Minister Bo Xilai and EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson, the annual growth in exports of 10 Chinese textile products to the European Union will be set at 8 percent to 12.
An Italian government official who was denied a slot as a European Union commissioner after he made comments critical of gays is launching a new Religious Right-style organization.
After much negotiation, the European Union (EU) has adopted a controversial agreement with the United States to share airline passenger records as a way to search for wanted criminals or terrorists on transatlantic flights--despite a legal challenge from the European parliament.
The following remarks were presented at the reception in honor of fifty years of formal United States and European Union (E.
Pascal Lamy, the European Union Trade Commissioner, is a 57-year-old Frenchman, a graduate of Paris' elite Ecole Nationale d'Administration, and a longtime member of the French Socialist Party.
The European Union reformed its Common Agriculture Policy, a 45-year-old subsidy system that props up inefficient Euro bloc farmers, keeping food two times more expensive at home and occasionally hooding foreign markets with overproduction, driving down world prices.
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