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the part of Russia that is part of Europe

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Temperatures in European Russia will remain up to 13 degrees Celsius colder than average for the next five days and in Moscow will plummet to minus 28 degrees Celsius (-18 Fahrenheit) by Monday, the weather service said.
Heat is expected to stay in the southern part of European Russia, the country's main breadbasket, in the next couple of days, increasing risks to winter sowing.
Russia's weather forecasting service Rosgidromet said Monday rains were expected on August 16-18 in drought-hit European Russia, and while these were unlikely to soften crop damage they could improve conditions for winter grain sowing.
A scorching heat wave has gripped much of European Russia since mid-June, which coupled with the worst drought since the 1970s has made the countryside particularly susceptible to wildfires.
Very hot and mostly dry weather dominated the eastern portions of European Russia and western portions of Asian Russia, and temperatures averaged 38 degrees Celsius to 41 degrees Celsius in central Ukraine and eastern Belarus on August 8, Telvent DTN Inc.
Ozersk (Ozyorsk) is located between the cities of Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk in the eastern part of European Russia.
Summary: Wildfires sweeping across European Russia have killed at least 25 people and left thousands homeless.
In July 2010, the flight of a Soyuz 2-1a from French Guiana will be the first use of a Russian rocket outside European Russia or a former Soviet state.
It is situated in the southeastern part of European Russia, in the Volga Federal District.
A substantial population decline of >50% occurred in European Russia between 1990 and 2002; populations in Asiatic Russian have remained more stable.
This substantial order is a further endorsement of JCB products and the service and support offered by our dealer in European Russia, Lonmadi.
OGK-1, which operates four plants in European Russia and two in Siberia, supplies electricity to Moscow and the oil-rich Tyumen region where expansion has boosted demand.
In this ethnography of the reindeer herding practices of the Sami people on the Kola peninsula in the far north of European Russia, Vladimirova (Siberian Studies Center, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany) examines the ethical norms that underlie different organization models of herding practices.
31 Mountain range dividing Asian Russia and European Russia
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