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a state powerful enough to influence events throughout the world

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One of those European powers, Germany, has been particularly unnerved by Trump's combined interview published on Sunday with the Times of London and German outlet Bild, during which he suggested major changes to U.
com presents the major events occurred in Kerala since the arrival of European powers, their tug of war for power and its consequent impact in the history of the world in detail.
The move is part of a deal reached with the US, Russia, China and European powers last November.
The primary historical significance of the Treaty of Tordesillas derives from its pretentious assertion of Europeans' right to control sea lanes everywhere in the world and of the pope to decide which European powers got what.
Instead, Rodogno seeks to demonstrate the connection between the "Eastern Question" and the history of the humanitarian intervention by arguing that the "Eastern Question" played a central role in the coercive interventions of the European powers on behalf of Christian subjects of the Ottoman Empire.
Summary: Berlin: Syrian President Bashar Al Assad warned yesterday that European powers would "pay the price" .
This provides us with a strong foundation to fight this clearly ridiculous muscle-flexing from the European powers.
eUroPe LITTLE Slovakia proved a thorn in the side of the major European powers as it inconveniently voted down plans to expand the eurozone bailout.
NEW European powers to supervise banks and financial institutions in the wake of the economic crisis must not be used to undermine national sovereignty, an MEP warned.
At the end of the 19th century, European powers controlled 90 percent of Africa.
The European powers (including Britain) that divided up Africa between themselves encouraged, sponsored and supplied arms for tribal conflicts as a matter of policy.
KOSOVARS danced in the streets as Britain, the US and major European powers said they would recognise their newly-declared independence from Serbia.
affected the Italian states and the cultural life of Italy, and affected the European powers as well" (ix), a goal which is amply fulfilled in the range of topics and issues covered by the essays.
Why do you think the European powers split up the Ottoman Empire as they did, with little thought given to ancient tribal ethnic, and religious differences?
Facing that magnitude of threat, European powers that were normally jealous and hostile to one another suppressed their mutual antagonisms to defeat the armies of Islam and their brutal Tartar Allies.
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