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police organization for the European Union

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1) This concerns the External Borders Fund, the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders, the visa information system (VIS), the agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice, the European Police Office, the European Police College and two other budget lines: Prevention, preparedness and consequence management of terrorism' and Prevention of and fight against crime'
criminal gangs, the European Police Office (EUROPOL) said in a statement on
The centre will be set up within the European Police Office, Europol, in The Hague (Netherlands).
The proposal has to be adopted by the management body of Europol, the European Police Office.
Other actions include "cooperation with the Tunisian authorities," "the identification of urgent financial needs" as well as assistance from the European Police Office (Europol).
Europol, the European police office, has highlighted the current trend for the laundering of criminal proceeds in real estate, taking advantage of lower property prices caused by the world economic and financial crisis.
Europol, the European Police Office based in The Hague, will be in charge of monitoring the lawfulness of US requests, she confirmed.
On the EU level, the 27 representatives and the Commission are working with the European police office Europol, theaMaritime Analysis and Operations Centre - Narcotics, and the Anti-Drug Coordination Centre for the Mediterranean in Toulon.
The European Parliament, on 24 November, rejected four proposals by the Council to reform Europol, the European Police Office.
Meeting at the Europol premises, on 1 October in The Hague, Netherlands, the EU's justice ministers decided to step up their collaboration under the umbrella of Europol, the European Police Office, in order to increase the efficiency of their fight against organised crime.
The NGO has concerns about how such data can be kept out of the hands of the persecuting countries, particularly considering that Europol, the European Police Office, can sign agreements for the exchange of personal data with other European bodies and with non-EU countries.
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