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police organization for the European Union

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Intelligence about terrorism, drug trafficking and serious fraud is not routinely shared with Europol, the European Police Office, members of the House of Lords said.
It also called for building up the resources of appropriate European Union (EU) bodies such as the European Police Office (EUROPOL), the organized-crime-busting unit Eurojust, and the European Police Chiefs' Task Force in preparing intelligence assessments regarding all aspects of the terrorist threat.
Additionally, it works closely with the European Police Office (Europol) and has signed a border crossing agreement to monitor its eastern border.
Under European Communities Order 1997, entitled "Immunities and Privileges of the European Police Office," members of the EU's police force (the Europol) "shall enjoy immunity from suit and legal process in respect of acts, including words written or spoken, done by them in the exercise of their official functions.
negotiations with foreign governments and regional organizations such as the European Union, World Customs Organization, International Criminal Police Organization and European Police Office.
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