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juicy yellow pear


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The Asiatic pear looks nothing like the European pear, like the Bartlett," Korban said.
Pear trees, known by the commercial names Swiss pear, European pear and pearwood, belong to the species Pyrus communis.
Common or European pear trees yield varieties such as Bartlett, Anjou, Bosc, Hardy, Seckel and Winter Nelis, Oriental pears have been crossed with the common pear to give sweeter, less gritty pears and this cross-breeding has produced the popular varieties Kieffer and LeConte.
For the third year in a row, European pear processors face a short year for a raw material supplies.
Some European pears, such as Anjou and Taylor Gold pears, have potential for use as fresh-cut commodities.
Pear Treattarome 9870 is distilled from European pears, Pyrus communis.
I got good pollination on all my European pears, but on my Asian pears and apples it was marginal.
This year's pear season is under way - and crops from Washington, Oregon and California, the nation's largest producers of European pears, are expected to yield a good supply of delicious fruit.
Unlike European pears which which ripen to become soft and buttery, Goldrush is crisp and crunchy and has a very high sugar reading," says marketing consultant Ally MacKay who has been responsible for introducing the fruit to the UK.
Said Mackay: "Unlike European pears such as Conference and Comice which have a creamy soft texture, Goldrush is crisp and crunchy.
Loyal fans of European pears disagree: "A pleasant change, but no match for the 'Bartlett'.
Work is under way to cross Japanese, Chinese and European pears to produce fruit different from anything else on the market -- crisp and crunchy, with rich, strong flavours.
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